Recent Publications

For a list of ten recent works (2019) on Kerala, see Recent Publications.

Useful Links

Kerala Migration Survey Data Online: Eight rounds of the Kerala Migration Survey (between 1998 and 2018) are available for free download from the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram.

Kerala Scholars Network

Ala (Blog): Launched in 2018, this is an editor-reviewed repository of diverse and engaging items on debates, images, cultures, languages, festivals, politics, and tastes of Kerala. Ala encourages the submission of unsolicited pieces, which engage with contemporary or historical aspects of Kerala society, in English or Malayalam.

Kerala Scholars eGroup: At Googlegroups, this is a free emailing list that circulates news of the latest peer-reviewed research on Kerala. 1,250+ members. Receive ~3 mails per week. Share news of your latest publication. Announce a conference. Raise queries. Participate in online events.

Kerala Scholars Messenger: Launched in 2018, this is a public channel on Telegram app, for mobile users. Catch up with the latest journal articles, books, events, and resources in Kerala studies, as well as monthly updates (on Publishing and Open Access) and fellowship opportunities. Take advantage of the cool ‘Instant View’ feature.

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