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Arabic, Anthropology, Archaeology, Commerce, Dalit Studies, Development Studies, Drama, Economics, Education, Film, Folklore, Geography, Hindi, History, Library and Information Science, Islamic Studies, Journalism, Law, Literature, Linguistics, Malayalam, Mass Communication, Media Studies, Music, Oriental Studies, Painting, Philosophy, Political Science, Politics, Psychology, Public Policy, Religion, Sanskrit, Social Work, Sociology, Women’s Studies.

Editor’s Guidelines

  • Please post messages that are relevant to the group, civil, and legal.
  • Attachments: Please mention the salient points in the body of your message, and provide a link to a document or website. Attachments are not posted to the group.
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles: please provide the abstract and a link. Entire articles are not posted, even if open access.
  • Non-peer-reviewed articles in newspapers, magazines, etc are not usually posted. (Exception: obituary of a group member). Alternative methods, such as monthly digest or blog, can be considered if volunteers contact us.

Sample Messages/Posts

The links given are examples from H-Net-Asia, a similar international discussion group for Asian studies.

The Kerala Scholars eGroup carries posts in Malayalam too.  In such cases, please also send a brief 2-3 sentence summary of the post in English.

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